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I have some questions about the water electrolyzer you have developed that's capable of direct fueling at 5000 psig. We've developed new wind tech. and are researching hydrogen production, wind2h2 possibilities.

Keith D. Patch


What are your questions?

For more background information, you might review a post I wrote on Giner and Proton, two companies researching high-pressure electrolyzers:


Ramsey Halabi

Hey Kieth trying to get in touch with you. We are trying to start up a waste to gas plant but we need some support.

Keith D. Patch

Hi Ramsey--

I have sent you a private email to begin a discussion on your situation and your needs.

Best regards,


George Beard


I control a budget for green Hydrogen & solar of about $1.5 mm per week. As an ex Sloan Fellow, given such a modest budget, ought I even consider our working with MIT?

Keith D. Patch

Hi George--

I sent you an email to discuss your situation and needs.

Best regards,


Ugwunna Nnamdi Iwuagwu

Hi Keith,

I am designing a cyclone with a supplier for particle separation, and the supplier is using the dimensions of the existing working cyclone with the operating Air flow rate to scale it up for twice the flow rate. So he determined the new dimensions of the cyclone based on the twice the flow rate. Is this a good approach as I am not experienced in sizing cyclones

Keith D. Patch

Hi Ugwunna--

Yes, scaling-up the size of an existing cyclone, which has acceptable operating efficiency, based on the new flow rate is a good approach. Hopefully your supplier is not just doubling the dimensions of everything in the existing cyclone. Various non-linear aerodynamic parameters need to be calculated in order to yield a proper design for the larger cyclone.

Best regards,


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